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Updated: May 2, 2018

BRENT VENDERLEY | 27 November, 2015 at 08:34

Since 2014, BlackTip Jetsports and Watercraft Superstore have been consistently growing their watercraft racing team. Maybe you have seen one of the team member’s tricked out skis on the race course fitted with custom Elite Series traction mats and seat covers? Well, you are about to see one more BlackTip sponsored rider crossing the finish line in 2016!

Let us introduce you to Anthony Radetic. Anthony seemingly came from nowhere and burst on the watercraft racing scene in 2014. Now with two strong racing seasons under his belt, the PWC world gets to witness his champion heart: former Blackhawk Helicopter pilot, former Special Forces soldier, Army Combat Veteran and one of America’s greatest Challenged Athletes!

Watercraft Superstore’s Carrie Sinwelski, BlackTip’s Race Team Manager, had to say about adding Anthony to the roster for 2016:

“We are excited to have Anthony Radetic as a sponsored BlackTip Jetsports rider. We recently met him at the AquaX races in Cocoa Beach Florida and were really impressed with his go-getter attitude. He excels at jet ski racing and is a natural athlete. Recently he was named athlete of the year by the AquaX team and is truly deserving of that title. Anthony let’s nothing get in his way of attaining the goals that he wants in his life and sports. We are honored to have him on our team and can’t wait to see what his 2016 race season will bring.”

We also caught up with Anthony who had this to say when asked about his opportunity to join the BlackTip Jetsports Race Team: “I’m definitely looking forward to being part of the BlackTip Family next season. I feel like BlackTip is a perfect match for what I need and use when racing. Not to mention our common view and like minded mentality, the company’s long history in the watercraft industry and it’s community…. I see this to be a great start in a new direction for the upcoming season!”

The SBT, BlackTip Jetsports and the Watercraft Superstore family of companies is multi-faceted and growing by leaps and bounds as they continue their dedication to “sticking to their roots.” Their growth, coupled with their support of both the PWC community as a whole is evidence of this BlackTip Jetsports champion heart. Indeed, it is a perfect match!

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