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PWC RACE EVENTS 2013: Participant of the 2013 Never Quit Challenge Key West to New York City.


Participant of the 2013 Faces of Our Freedom 2014:


Participant of the 2014 Long Beach to Catalina (LB2CAT) National PWC Offshore Championship, 9th in manufacturer’s stock class. 17th place overall.


Participant of the P1 Aqua X P1 2014 final season race St. Cloud, FL Placing 18th place over all.


2015: P1 AquaX Endurance race series finished the season 19th overall out of 46 recers. Awarded P1 AquaX Athlete of the year. Raced the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile Endurance race. IJSBA World Finals


2016: P1 AquaX race series finished 16th overall Raced the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile endurance race. Raced RUSSKY GRAND PRIX – Russia 2nd place. Raced The KING’s CUP in Thailand 9th place.


2017: Raced the MARK HAHN MEMORIAL 300 mile endurance race. IRON MAN- Came in 3rd in Manufacture stock class. Won Iron Man award and The 2017 Mark Hahn CUP.


2017 P1 AQUAX USA - Endurance race series.. PROWATERCROSS TOUR 3rd place IJSBA WORLD FINALS 6th place

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Several sponsorship levels available including Title, Presenting, Supporting and specifically tailored packages.
Full access and right to use logos, images and video footage from all events.
Logos to place on the race craft platform and race support equipment (team shirts, tow vehicle, trailer, ATV…)
Hospitality and VIP passes to each event
Access to the Race Village for promotions, displays and trials.
Dedicated social media handles incorporating your brand.
Three (0:30 sec) commercial units through telecast for P1 AquaX

2017 AquaX Championship Race

2017 AquaX Championship Race

2017 AquaX Championship Race

2017 AquaX Championship Race

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