• Never Quit Challenge Key West to New York City

  • Faces of Our Freedom 


  • Long Beach to Catalina (LB2CAT) National PWC

Offshore Championship - 17th place 

Manufacturer’s stock class - 9th place

  • P1 Aqua X Final Season Race, St. Cloud - 18th place 


  • P1 AquaX Endurance Race Series - ranked 19 of 46 

P1 AquaX Athlete of the year

  • Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mi Endurance Race

  • IJSBA World Finals


  • P1 AquaX Race Series - ranked 16 of 46

  • Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mi Endurance Race

  • Russky Grand Prix, Russia - 2nd place

  • King's Cup, Thailand - 9th place


  • Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mi Endurance Race

Iron Man Award, Mark Hahn Cup

  • P1 AquaX USA: Endurance race series

PRO Watercross Tour - 3rd place
IJSBA World Finals - 6th place




Anthony Radetic is an American alpine skier, Pro PWC racer and veteran of the United States Army. Anthony, a native of Florida, graduated from Florida Air Academy High School and subsequently attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Anthony enlisted in the U. S Army and was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia as an ASA parachute rigger where he completed airborne school. While stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Anthony completed the Army's Primary Leadership Development Course. He attended Special Forces Selection course and was selected for Special Forces. Anthony was then picked to become a Special Forces communication sergeant and assigned to Army Special Operations Command Headquarters. During this time the U.S. Army began a corrective eye surgery program, which allowed him to participate in a test program to attend helicopter flight school training. Anthony completed the Army helicopter flight training course, became an Army aviator, and was assigned to serve as a primary Blackhawk VIP pilot for the Post General.

While in advance course training Anthony was struck by a motor-vehicle leaving him paralyzed. He sustained a spinal cord injury at the C2, C3, T7 and T8 levels. He remained in critical care for 40 days. Six years after his injury Anthony tried skiing for the first time at a sports clinic in Snowshoe West Virginia. In 2012 he moved to Aspen Colorado to begin training seriously for international alpine skiing competitions. While training in Aspen, Anthony was filmed by Warren Miller crew while he landed his first back-flip on a monoski. Since then, Anthony continues to compete in several sports including hand cycling, skiing, and personal watercraft racing.




Anthony Radetic (RADMAN)
Sea-Doo Ambassador and Pro-rider 
2017 European Off-shore Champion 
Danielle Radetic
RAD Team Manager / Media Relation
Blythin Leggett
RAD Team Physical Therapist
Rocktape Technician Certified
Maci Laszlo Papp
RAD Team Lead Mechanic
Jeremy Strong
RAD Team Media Relations / Pit Crew
RAD Team Pit Manager / Medic
Eddie Rad Nieto
Joe Sitzlar
RAD Team Lead Coordinator / Pit Crew
Vinko Radetic
RAD Team Chief Engineer / Pit Crew