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1.   Michigan City, Indiana / Sat July 08, - Sat July 09, 2023

          -More Info

2.   LaPorte, Indiana / Sat July 29 - Sun July 30, 2023

          -More Info

3.   Daytona Beach, Florida / Fri Aug 18 - Sun Aug 20, 2023

          -More Info

4.   St. Petersburg Flordia / Fri Sept 1 - Sun Sept 3, 2023

          -More Info


5.   Miami Florida / Fri Sept 8 - Sat Sept 9, 2023

          -More Info

6.   Kissimmee - St. Cloud / Sun Sept 17, 2023

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Aquabike World Championship

1.   Grand Prix of Italy - Olbia, Italy / June 17 - June 18

      -More Info    *More dates will be announced

European Continental Championship     

​1.   Grand Prix of Hungary - NylrgyhAza-Levelek, Hungary / June 10 - June 11


2.   Gran Prix of Lithuania - TBA - Lithuania


3.   Gran Prix of Purtugal TBA - Portugal


European Jet Raid  Championship

1.   Raid Motonautico Internazional - Pavia - Venezia, Italy / June 04

2.   Raid Motonautico - Prolog - Benezia - Montecarlo - Italy / July 19 - Jul23

P1 AquaX US Championship

P1 AquaX is the fastest growing and most exciting personal watercraft (pwc) championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

The series was launched in the UK by London based sports promoter Powerboat P1 and grew quickly by attracting a mix of first-time and experienced racers to a new style of racing.

In 2013, P1 rolled out a second series in the USA and such was the interest that the original format needed reviewing to cope with the abundance of new racers. By the end of 2015, the series had received over 400 registered entries from 11 countries. By 2016 the AquaX series unveiled its first Pro level championship in the USA and launched two further Pro/Am championships in Malaysia and the Great Lakes region of the USA.

Aquabike GP1 championship


The UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship is one of the fastest, most demanding and entertaining sports on water attracting the world’s best riders.


Circuit, Parallel Slalom, Endurance, Offshore and Jet Raid combine speed, skill and sheer raw power producing adrenaline-fueled non-stop action and edge-of-the-seat racing, with the Freestyle category delivering improbable feats of artistry and insane aerial acrobatics.

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